NIAS, started out in 1986 as TRC (The Retail Center). When Anthony Will founded the company,
he did not envision just a normal physical inventory service. He wanted to be a full service
company that offered expertise not only in auditing, but also merchandising and sales.

The company has gone through a few mergers and name changes, but in 2007, with the
merger of 2 prominent companies, NIAS was formed. The merger allowed NIAS to service
accounts throughout the US.

Our motto is simple: "You can count on us". Our professional full time staff will represent your
products in a knowledgeable and respectful manner, delivering the results you deserve.

NIAS has 2 outstanding divisions. Our inventory service is one of the few companies that utilize
full time auditors. Our hi-tech equipment allows us the ability to perform any type of inventory
called upon. We have instant results and proven procedures to insure an accurate and efficient

Our Sales Merchandising and Demo division is staffed with professional personnel that will
represent your products in a knowledgeable and respectful manner. The stores know who we
are. We are consistently in the stores either doing an inventory, representing products, resetting
shelves and products or performing our unique demos. With this much knowledge of each
individual stores and managers it makes our results the best in the industry.

NIAS, is your one stop for all your sales and merchandising needs.