Professional Staff

NIAS only hires energetic professional representatives for your products. We look for people that
enjoy others and feel comfortable explaining your product. Our goal is to
get your product in that
shopping cart
. We fully educate our staff on your product, they have to be able to answer questions
intelligently and with enthusiasm.

In-Store Food Demos

NIAS is unique in that we cook and serve on the same side as the customer. This allows the
demo to be more interactive with the customer. The customer feels a part of the demo and is more
open to try the product and give us their honest opinions. It is also easier for us to get them to
purchase the product.

Product Demonstrations

NIAS can also demonstrate your electronic, kitchen, and living products. We have expert sales
personnel that can give a whole demonstration and demonstrate the benefits of your product.

Liquor Demonstrations

Our appealing liquor demo staff will make sure that the customers feel good about your product.
Our staff will be knowledgeable of all mixtures associated, and be able to demonstrate accordingly.

Special Events

NIAS can service trade shows, wine, beer, liquor tastings, customer dinner parties, or what ever
else you need to have assistance promoting your product. We will make sure that our personnel
our quality A-1 professionals.

Advanced Reporting

Because we our interactive with the customer and we have no table in between us, we are able to
get more honest customer response. We will supply you with complete reports of product quality,
price feedback, size allocation, amount sampled, amount placed in carts, and suggestions. We try
to get an honest feedback from the customer so you will have the information needed to make
quality decisions.