Retail Inventory

NIAS understands the importance of an accurate audit. Our auditors are experienced in proper cutoffs,
accounting for sales during inventories, vendor deliveries, and various POS software programs. Our proven
procedures were developed over an 26-year period, and are considered the best in the industry. We utilize
only the latest equipment which allows us to perform any inventory necessary from financial to scan. Our
software allows us to design any reports based on your needs.

Warehouse Inventory

NIAS performs hundreds of warehouse and distribution inventories every year. Our experienced staff
knows the importance of looking behind pallets, verifying quantities and item numbers, controlling
movement of stock in live inventories, and recognizing misplaced parts. NIAS utilizes scales for small parts
counting and heavy equipment for large items.

Fixed Asset

Our own InventoryXpress data collection system allows us to capture any information a customer desires.
We routinely barcode any type of assets, including furniture, electronics, parts, and supplies. Capturing
Office Names, Make, Model, Serial numbers and any other information is no problem. NIAS will also use
digital photography and video to record items for insurance or developing catalogs. If you bought a new
tracking software program, let us help you get started by inputting all of your assets.

Warehouse Design

Are you thinking about gaining inventory control of your parts, let us help. We can assist in designing a
closed environment including perimeter fence, shelving, creating shelf tags, creating locations, moving of
product and inputting into your software, We can do it all for you.

Loss Prevention Consultation

So now you have figured out you have a theft problem, but who is it? Let our expert licensed private
investigators find out for you. They have over 15 years experience in the evaluation of data and the
interviewing of employees. Their main goal is to find out who is the thief and get restitution. Our calm
interview process is designed to keep your honest employees and have the dishonest employees
admitting to their mistakes.

RFID and Barcode Tags

We offer a complete line of durable bar code labels. Everything from Foil, Polyester, 2-part, Destructible,
Tamper Evident, Metal, Nameplates, Warehouse Floor, Container, Ceramic, Paint Resistant, and the all
new RFID tags. Call us with your needs and we will design up the perfect barcode for you and your needs.

Inventory Consulting

If you are ready to automate to a perpetual or live inventory system, we can help. Our expert consultants
understand what it takes to go from cost to retail inventory control. NIAS has the forms and procedures to
easily convert you and your managers. NIAS can also consult you on product placement for security and
increased sales.


NIAS will come in and create a data base of all assets and if needed attach a value to each item. We have
extensive reporting that will summarize and itemize based on your criteria. If you need us to photograph
with description we can do that also.

Inventory Data Base Creation

Many companies purchase an inventory software program to assist in controlling their products, parts, or
assets. The difficult process of incorporating this software is entering all the information for each asset.
This is where we can help. We can barcode and capture the information by location, asset type, make,
model, or any other information a customer desires. We will then produce an electronic file in the format
needed to merge directly into your software. Our data capturing equipment is extremely more efficient than
you having to manually create the information and then input it into a computer. This process will definitely
save you money and headaches.

Shelf Price Verification

NIAS will download your master file into our handheld units. We then will verify each product's shelf price in
a section or a whole store with the master file. We will produce the following reports by section. Everything
in your store that has no price and everything in your store where the shelf price is different than the master
file. We can supply this electronically or hard copy.