Merchandising Services


NIAS can reset products whether it's a section or a whole store. We can also help create a
planogram based on your needs and neighborhood. We can either create new shelf tags or
apply created ones. We understand the importance of proper facings, 100% distribution of your
product, shelf designs, out of code items and pulling them, proper tagging, clean shelves and
replace if needed.


We have the capability to store your shelves, trays, displays, and sample products

Price Surveys

Ever wonder what your or your competition is priced at? Maybe you need a shelf study done to
determine what shelves you or your competition are on?  NIAS can get you complete reports so
that you can make proper marketing decisions.

Mystery Shopping

NIAS offers mystery shopping whether it's for employee contests, general store studies,
customer feedback, or competition strategies. We will make sure we are discreet and get the
information you desire.

Display Set Up

We can build any displays that you may need. Seasonal, special event, risers, or just aisle
displays, we will make sure they are stocked to your specifications.