Brokerage Sale Services

Low Cost Out Source Sales

NIAS will represent your products and get them in the stores. The majority of the accounts
already know us because we are so involved with inventories, resets, and brokerage. It makes it
a lot easier to sell a new or established product if the customer already recognizes us. We
know how to find a spot in a well travelled area for your product.

New Item Cut-ins

We are experts on reading distribution lists and making sure that we find a spot for our new
items. We will make the proper decision to cut back facings of slow moving products and not
decrease your top sellers. We will also fight for additional facings of your products.

In-house Customer Support

Do you need help with support? We can help with order taking, delivery verification, customer
surveys, or phone initiated orders.

On-site Customer Support

NIAS can build your displays, attach coupons to your products, stock shelves, price verification,
verify product placement, perform an inventory check by shelf and section.