NIAS understands the importance of an accurate
audit. Our auditors are experienced in proper
cutoffs, accounting for sales during inventories,
vendor deliveries, and various POS software
programs. Our proven procedures were developed
over an 26-year period, and are considered the
best in the industry. We utilize only the latest
equipment which allows us to perform any
inventory necessary from financial to scan. Our
software allows us to design any reports based on
your needs.
Brokerage Sales

NIAS, Professional Sales Representation

The complex and extended supply chains of retail,
commercial and industrial businesses often have
extensive webs of suppliers, warehouses,
distributors and outside sales organizations. NIAS
Sales Professionals already have the connections
needed to get your products on the shelves. We will
educate our personnel thoroughly on your product
and find the best place to maximize your exposure
and sales. NIAS is a low cost sales alternative to
hiring in house sales representatives.

NIAS,  Offering A Unique Demo Service

NIAS, offers an unique demo service. We push
our demo table up against the wall and cook and
serve on the same side as the customer. This
results in a more open and interactive demo.
Customers feel like they are part of the demo.
They watch us prepare and they feel more
comfortable in giving us more honest feedback.
This also allows us to get more product in their
cart. If they like it we will have your product readily
available to hand them. If the customer flow is
slow, it is much easier for us to walk around with
a product tray to entice the customers into trying
your product. Our extensive reporting will give
you the honest customer information you need
about your product to further evaluate it's


New store setups, resets or remodels can cause a
major disruption in store business. If store
personnel is doing the work, this means they’re not
assisting customers and selling product. If your
product is not displayed properly, then the results
will be lost sales. Nothing worse than to have top
sellers misplaced on the shelf level, or competitors
stealing your facings. Let us make sure you have
the products located in the proper space and you
retain/increase your facings. Our expert staff
understand how to read distribution reports and
planograms. They know the importance of product
placing in maximizing sales. Need help building
POS displays, moving product whether it's a section
or a whole store, or creating planograms NIAS is
your one stop solution.